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Private label packaging

Co-packer Information

Getting started in mass production food sales with private label co-packing services. 

We make dreams come true!

Many have a dream of starting a food manufacturing company and offering products in retail stores. You need to produce your food and get it to market fresh but there can be many challenges to overcome. 

The capital to operate a facility is out of reach for most start-ups. GFI comes to the rescue; you won't have to worry about leasing or purchasing a facility, passing inspections, purchasing food-grade equipment, or even training and managing employees; we handle it all.  Using GFI Bakery as your co-packer is the fastest and most efficient way to get started.

So, what exactly is a co-packer? In short, a co-packer is an established food manufacturing company that produces your product to your specifications. PRIVATE LABEL, means only your label information gets put on the packaging; nothing about the co-packer will be known to the consumer.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A contract packer, or co-packer, is a company that manufactures and packages foods or other products for their clients. To market and distribute, a copacker works under contract with the hiring company to manufacture food as though the products were manufactured directly by the hiring company. A co-packer is similar to a contract manufacturer in other industries, such as automotive or aerospace. Co-packing is commonly used when the producing company doesn't have the packing capacity, machinery, knowledge etc.


Got a great food product idea but still need packaging? No problem...

We can provide package and lablel services no matter the size of your food products.



Your brand name!

Your package style!

Shipped frozen on demand!

Produced secretly in our facility with YOUR LABEL.



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